Brenton Rothchild becomes IronBench CTO!

IronBench is happy to announce that Brenton Rothchild has agreed to become the Chief Technology Officer of the organization!

Brenton has been working in the capacity of Chief Cloud System Architect, Principal DevOps Engineer and Principal Software Engineer for Trility Consulting, as well as, leading the technical build, development and delivery of the IronBench Security Suite of tools.

Brenton is usually one of the first people on the ground at customer sites to help identify goals and problems, prioritize them and then help the customer identify what direction may make the most sense going forward.

In addition to the aforementioned work, Brenton will spend the priority of this time leading the visualization, design, build and evolution of IronBench Security Suite products sold through IronBench directly, channel partners, as well as, in partnership with Trility Consulting.



Trility Consulting and IronBench Partnership

Trility Consulting and IronBench have signed paper for Trility Consulting to sell the IronBench security suite of products and offer professional services as well!

IronBench of Des Moines, Iowa, launched in January 2017, is a product company focused on cloud adoption, cloud operations and cloud-focused information security and regulatory compliance behaviors.

IronBench offers three products designed to help companies securely adopt and evolve cloud ecosystems (IronBench Cloud Config), securely manage Linux assets (IronBench Access Manager) and understand organizational regulatory and compliance status in relation to pertinent industry standards (IronBench Compliance Navigator).

Trility Consulting, also of Des Moines, Iowa, is a professional services company focused on discovering what goals customers would like to achieve and then helping them get there through lean, continuous delivery behaviors.

Contact Trility Consulting or IronBench if you’d like to discuss opportunities together!